Photo of Union Members Photo of Union Members
Photo of Union Members Photo of Union Members

We are relentless champions of change.

We work at fast-food restaurants, at airports, in hospitals and nursing homes, as childcare and home care workers, in warehouses, factories, schools and universities, on farms and in skyscrapers — AND we’ve reshaped the landscape of labor rights.

We started the Fight for $15. 

Photo of Union Members Photo of Union Members

For the past decade, we, as low-wage workers, have stood up to union busters, protested, marched, testified, taken arrests, went on STRIKE and achieved monumental victories. We won over $150 billion in raises for 26 million workers nationwide.

Our bold actions have not only added zeros to paychecks, they have ignited a spark of hope and solidarity among working people everywhere, inspiring them to do more!

Our fight goes beyond a number. It always has. It is a fight for respect, dignity, racial justice, improved living conditions and a say in our lives – the fundamental rights we are owed as workers. Real power is not just about securing incremental gains; it’s about demanding transformational change. It’s about rewriting the rules so that all workers, regardless of industry or background, have a seat at the table for good.

That’s why we are unwavering in our demand for every worker to have a union. A union is not just a means to negotiate better wages and benefits; it is our pathway to lasting power and the end of living paycheck to paycheck. And we refuse to settle for anything less.

Together, we are a force to be reckoned with – a force that will continue to fight until every worker is treated with the dignity and respect we all deserve.

Join us as we march forward, united in our quest for a brighter, more just future. Fight for a Union!

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